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What is Forensic Psychology? //

Any application of psychology in the legal system can be considered forensic psychology. Often forensic psychologists are hired to conduct court-ordered evaluations or court-ordered therapy.

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Bliss Psychological Services, LLC is a Pittsburgh-based forensic psychology private practice. Much of the work I do specializes in children and adolescents or families. This includes completing diagnostic or court-ordered evaluations (competency to stand trial or risk assessments) of children/adolescents, as well as evaluations of families for child protective services or custody cases. I have years of experience working with children and have received special training working with traumatized or abused children. However, I also offer many forensic services to adults as well and have also received special training working with adults in forensic settings. Please review the lists of services I provide, or contact the office to discuss your individual case and needs. 

I enjoy working with and ultimately hopefully helping families. I am competent in conducting evaluations (such as custody or parenting capacity) for the courts. My goal is to help strengthen families and determine what is in the best interests of the child.

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